Recruitment Consultant FAQs

What do other recruiters at Robert Half have to say about their experience?

Our valued team members are in agreement – Robert Half is an enjoyable and rewarding place to work. We are very collaborative, offer sufficient training at the beginning of their onboarding to follow-through, and we embrace an entrepreneurial team spirit. Our culture is not just about account management - we enjoy the thrill of hunting down new business and nurturing that relationship. And being under the umbrella of Robert Half, you’ll get the highest level of technological support to help you get the job done, focus on the business development, and make administration and sales easy.

I heard working in recruitment is hard with long hours.

Working in recruitment can be challenging. That’s why we offer extensive training and development, both through tailored programs and on the job. If you have the right drive and ambition, it can be quite rewarding and straightforward. And if you’re worried about the long hours that are often synonymous with recruitment, we offer the support you need to stay on track and avoid the long hours that disorganised recruiters can face.

How does the base and commission structure work?

Everyone at Robert Half receives a base income plus super, guaranteed. However, recruitment consultants have much greater earning potential because the bonus plans we offer are un-capped. The bonus structure also works on a tier-system, which becomes more lucrative the more you contribute - so what you put in, you directly get out. Our operating models are geared around working as a team, putting our clients and candidates first via our Ethics First policy.

How long will it take for me to get the hang of the role if I have never worked in recruitment before?

We offer a very robust training program as part of your onboarding. With our tried and tested 14-week plan and ongoing training, you will quickly understand our metrics and KPIs, and get a hang of the role in just a few short months. Once you completed this 13-week plan, we continue to invest in your career by offering trainings throughout the year.

Money does motivate me but what other satisfaction can I hope to get from a role in recruitment?

Helping people is very rewarding. Helping a candidate find a new job or assisting a client recruit new talent is an amazing accomplishment. The office environment is also great – feeling that you are part of a team with incredible support is a great motivation as well.

What are the personality traits that help someone be successful in a recruiter role?

Being a consultant can be challenging and highly competitive. Our most successful consultants are highly resilient. They also have a drive and motivation to be successful, work collaboratively and want to be able to measure success based on merit, rather than tenure.

I would like to become an HR professional in the future. Is working in a recruitment agency a good place to start my HR career?

While the roles are not mutually exclusive, if you would like to be an HR generalist, you might want to consider working directly for a corporate organization. While there are aspects of our business that are similar, you will not be practicing an HR role at Robert Half.

What previous careers would have the best transferable skills to becoming a professional recruiter?

The roles listed below would be suitable for a career in recruitment:

  • Account manager
  • Auditor
  • Tax advisor
  • Business development manager
  • Communication specialist
  • Consultant
  • Customer service agent
  • Financial or accounting function
  • Psychologist

Want to join Robert Half?

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