Whether you want to recruit staff or are considering a career switch, the Robert Half Salary Guide 2020 contains all the information you need to take the next – well-informed – step. From salary tables and the most recent fringe benefits, to recruitment trends and information about competitive salaries: our Salary Guide has it all.

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What is a competitive salary in your sector?

In the Salary Guide, you will find the competitive salary of the hundred most common positions in finance and accounting, and administrative support.

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Learn about the latest trends in the job market

Read more about the latest recruitment trends, including the consequences of the high vacancy rate, the war for talent and digitisation.

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Read about frequently asked skills

What are the most wanted profiles and the associated technical competences and soft skills? For each specialised domain in the Salary Guide, we give you an overview of the skills the most sought after profiles should possess.

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Extra-legal benefits, incentives and extras: what are they worth?

The basic salary is increasingly being supplied with extra-legal benefits, including a phone or laptop, a gym membership or a company car. Incentives and extra benefits, such as flexible work hours, are also gaining importance and are often valued more than just the basic salary.

The demand for professionals with specific skills is higher than the supply. Companies are dealing with fierce competition and it’s becoming increasingly challenging to find talent. As a result candidates can make more demands, and employers are having to pull out all the stops to meet them.

Frédérique Bruggeman, Managing Director Robert Half Netherlands

How did we obtain the data in the Salary Guide?

We collected the valuable information in our Salary Guide via an independent survey among 200 Dutch CFOs and 300 Dutch senior managers with recruitment authority.

Furthermore, the study is based on local insights from our consultants and managers and thousands of filled vacancies and job interviews throughout our offices.