Do you have an urgent need for extra experience and specific know-how? You can count on us. The experienced interim managers from Robert Half are available immediately and can be deployed flexibly in any department within your company. Our highly skilled professionals can work on site or remotely, from anywhere.

Project and interim management: a flexible but efficient solution

Are you undergoing a merger, takeover or change project; an expansion, restructuring or the sudden absence of a key figure? In these types of situations, your company needs immediate additional experience and expertise. Robert Half's experienced project and interim managers can offer a fast and high-quality short- or medium-term solution. Without the need for a long induction period, they can provide added value and continuity for your growth or change processes.

An extensive network of interim and project managers

We have an extensive network of senior interim managers and project managers. These experienced top professionals have been selected for their proactive and hands-on approach. You can count on them for your temporary projects in all domains including Finance, Accounting, HR, Production, Supply Chain, IT, Sales & Marketing, Legal, General Management.

Technical Partner Meeting: Complimentary project consultation

Before launching business-critical projects or change management initiatives, you may have concerns about the benefits, scope, deliverables and potential challenges of a project. To help you gain a better understanding of your potential personnel and budget issues, we can offer you a complimentary consultation with a subject-matter expert who will give you accurate, objective advice and expert opinion on all aspects of your specific project.

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Robert Half specializes in project and interim management.

For mergers and takeovers, change projects, expansions and restructuring a large number of companies rely on the added value offered by temporary, external top talent. Both start-ups, SMEs and multinationals use our interim managers to guarantee the continuity of their business, to support their growth or to manage a project; and in a diverse range of projects and departments whether on site or remotely.

Is interim management right for you?

If you are an experienced manager who is flexible and likes to have new challenges on a regular basis, then project and interim management through Robert Half is right for you. Get in touch with us.

Plenty of freedom, plenty of challenges

As an interim manager you are responsible for your own time-management. Along the way, you have the freedom to expand your professional network, while keeping specific projects on the right track. We will keep you informed of any new projects that come available in line with your ambitions and skills.

Excellent care

As an interim manager with Robert Half you will have access to our extensive career and training opportunities. We will give you access to a few thousand online modules, including our CPE program (continuing professional education) and KnowledgeLeaderSM.

Is it your ambition to work as a project or interim manager? Get in touch with us.

Roles we cover

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IT Manager


HR Manager


Marketing Manager


Supply Chain Manager


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