Direct Start

Our Direct Start formula offers you the opportunity to have a flexible talent start immediately, without you needing to interview them in advance. You evaluate them at the end of their first working day. Are you pleased with them? Then they will come back again. You gain time – and talent – with Direct Start.

At Robert Half we understand the challenges you have as a manager. We realize what a problem it can be when employees are suddenly ill or fall out. You are concerned about the human aspect but also the organizational consequences. You must ensure that all your departments remain operational. You must see that your administration, accounting and customer services are not negatively impacted by the absence. Whether it is short or long term, planned or unplanned, you want to and must guarantee good quality. The solution? Direct Start.

With Direct Start you waste no time. Thanks to their proximity and their proactive approach our consultants can offer you a solution immediately. The very same day they will send you an immediately deployable and motivated professional with the right skills. How long will they stay? You decide - a week, a month, a year…

An immediate flexible solution

We work only with quickly deployable talents. And you will be amazed how fast we can fill your vacancy. We will evaluate the situation throughout the day. How do you rate their skills and attitude? We are interested in your opinion. Is our interim the ideal person to help you out? If so, they will come back again the following day(s). And if the professional does not quite meet your expectations, then we will not invoice you for that day. With Robert Half’s Direct Start you have an immediate flexible solution.

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