Peaks and holiday periods? We have temporary staff ready to work for you immediately!

The holiday periods bring extra work for many companies. At peak moments like that you are often short of staff and have to be able to take on qualified temps fast to support your team of regular employees. For that you can count on Robert Half. We work only with candidates that are immediately available. We have interviewed them all face to face and they have been tested for language and computer skills. They also have a minimum of two references. So we’re ready to supply you with good staff fast.

Why hire a temp?

Companies call on interim professionals to replace regular employees for a limited period or to bring in know-how. Besides that, temps are the solution for providing extra support when there is a temporary increase in workload. At this time of year, we traditionally see a rise in the demand for temporary administrative and accounting profiles. But where do you find them on short notice?

The right candidate in the right place

What talents are we talking about? You tell us. For some jobs it is interesting to employ students. For any hourly rate of between 35 and 45 euros, we can provide you with the best Business Economics, Commercial Economics, Human Resources, Logistics, vocational, professional or university level students. They are very flexible and motivated to work for you. After all, from their point of view it is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the business world and to obtain some work experience while they are studying.

Or perhaps you need temporary accounting profiles this summer: people to book invoices for Accounts Payable or to follow up outstanding posts for Accounts Receivable, or a GL accountant to clear the suspense accounts? Or maybe you are looking for extra administrative support: administrative staff to work through backlogs, a customer service employee to be able to assist customers faster or a secretary with experience of note-taking and agenda management? Our recruitment consultants can supply staff to help you through this busy period immediately.

We can also help you fill key temporary positions such as senior accountants and other profiles with senior expertise in finance and accounting, who are IFRS certified, for example, or capable of preparing and filing the consolidated annual accounts. To hire senior interim managers and experts like these, you can also contact us.

The ‘Direct Start’ formula

We can help you hire all temporary administrative, accounting and financial professionals. We have a large talent pool at our disposal and, especially in peak periods, we use the Direct Start formula. This approach means that we can have temporary staff start working with you immediately. Obviously we have screened them first at a face-to-face intake interview and selected them on the basis of tests, references and so on. You can make your own evaluation immediately after the first work day. This way, our temps get on with the work straightaway and you waste no time with interviews and analyzing CVs. The ‘Direct Start’ system (with an 8 hour guarantee!) gives you the certainty that all our profiles have the skills you expect of them and are immediately operational. If your administration and accounting staff are working overtime, you want a solution as fast as possible.

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