Salary Calculator for finance, accounting and administrative professionals

What am I worth?

Robert Half provides an overview of the most recent starting salaries. This will give you an idea of what the market offers for a given position.

An ideal way to be well prepared when starting to negotiate remuneration or to set up a benchmark for your employees.

How are salaries calculated?

The salaries are starting salaries based on Dutch averages. They vary by experience level, size of the business, sector, employee skills and the organisation itself.

The salary ranges provided are monthly gross salaries for financial and accountancy profiles (including 8% holiday allowance). Bonuses, incentives and any other fringe benefits are not taken into account.



More than just a salary

In order to recruit, motivate and retain staff, companies also need to stay in touch with the new work trends. The focus of the HR department for the next few years will be about flexibility and the changes that need to be made to allow this new way of working. In addition, leadership towards different generations will also be high on the agenda. Read all about it in the Robert Half ​Salary Guide (available in Dutch).

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