Perks and benefits

Salary Guide 2023

In a tight labor market, other perks and benefits such as secondary employment conditions play an important role in attracting and retaining talent, in addition to salary.

Work-at-home extras popular

What do organizations currently offer?

  • Retirement savings/pension plan63%

  • Home office equipment52%

  • Financial homeworking allowance51%

  • Working time reduction days51%

  • Hospitalization insurance/(contribution to) health insurance42%

  • Allowance for e-bike purchases38%

What are organizations planning to offer starting in 2023?

  • Staff benefits hub37%

  • Gym membership37%

  • 24/7 mental health support36%

  • In-office physical activities, such as yoga and cycling36%

  • Fuel assistance/allowance32%

  • Unpaid sabbaticals/leave of absence31%

Strategies to retain employees

What are organizations doing to retain staff?

  • Paying additional one-off bonuses30%

  • Offering more opportunities for professional development / training29%

  • Offering more opportunities for flexible or remote working29%

  • Discussing employees’ ambitions and motivations28%

Perks and benefits to counteract rising living costs

Introducing new salary sacrifice schemes

Allowing workers to sell annual leave days

Extending remote work opportunities to reduce travel costs

Hire talent

Find your next job

Perks and benefits related to wellbeing

  • Unpaid sabbaticals/leave of absence51%

  • 24/7 assistance for mental health35%

  • Stress reduction programs36%

  • Virtual physical activities35%

Data referenced in this Salary Guide is based on an online survey developed by Robert Half and conducted by an independent research firm. Respondents included C-suite managers managers from small (50-249 employees), medium (250-499) and large (500+ employees) private, publicly listed and public sector organizations across the Netherlands.

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