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Salary Guide 2023

Simply having a good job is no longer enough for today's employees. Attention to diversity, ethics and values, social involvement and sustainability now play a stronger role in the choice of a (new) employer.

Corporate culture is important for candidates

  • More than half (55%) of managers find that candidates are showing increasing interest in themes related to corporate culture during job interviews.
  • Concrete corporate values and a strong brand name are therefore essential for acquisition and retention.

Candidates who want to learn more about the company culture most often ask questions about:

Candidates who would like to learn more about the company culture most often ask questions about:

  • Ethics and corporate values36%

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)/Environment, social and governance activity32%

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)27%

Employers are aware of the importance of corporate culture in attracting and retaining talent

  • Employers recognize that corporate culture is becoming increasingly important to employees when deciding on a (new) employer.
  • Therefore, for both retaining and attracting talent, employers are concerned about certain aspects of the corporate culture.

Concerns about company culture


  • Corporate values/ethics14%

  • Unattractive brand20%


  • Corporate values/ethics17%

  • Unattractive brand18%

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • More and more organizations are making diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) a priority.
  • Over six in ten managers (62%) believe organizations should be more transparent about their commitment and progress on DEI.

What are organizations focusing on to increase their workplace diversity and inclusion efforts:

taking steps to make information around DEI more available to staff

amending hiring process (blind CVs, working with specialist recruiters)

hiring new HR or support staff to aid with DEI or ESG activity

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Corporate Culture at Robert Half

At Robert Half, we have many longstanding cornerstones defining our corporate culture, including integrity, inclusion, innovation, and commitment to success. We strive to continuously create a culture where employees can connect, thrive, and grow in a safe and ethical environment.

With regards to DEI we are committed to an ongoing journey of learning and growth, across all levels of our business. Our aspiration is to ensure that DEI is rooted in our systems, policies, and programmes, in the short, medium, and long terms.

For ESG, we continue to invest in developing and delivering our priorities by integrating social responsibility and sustainability throughout our business and our communities.

Read more about working at Robert Half

Read more about our commitment to diversity

Data referenced in this Salary Guide is based on an online survey developed by Robert Half and conducted by an independent research firm. Respondents included C-suite managers managers from small (50-249 employees), medium (250-499) and large (500+ employees) private, publicly listed and public sector organizations across the Netherlands.

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