The changing role of the finance function

The finance function is facing possibly the biggest change in its history.

Finance 2020: closer than you think explores the changing CFOs priorities as they continue to balance the needs of operational finance objectives, demanding compliance and regulation standards and the growing expectations of the business. From research of over 200 CFOs and FDs and expert opinion, the report offers insights on how the finance function needs to adapt to be fit for the future.

For finance leaders embarking on changing priorities, the report includes:

  • Expectations of the finance function by 2020
  • Case study: Investing in digitisation and continuous learning
  • Six core steps to prepare for 2020

A more active role

Increasingly CFOs must try to find a balance between their role as traditional accountants and supporting the business in forecasting and analysing trends to reach profitable growth goals.

In the future, while CFOs expect businesses to still find governance, risk management and compliance important, they anticipate 'keeping pace with changing technology' and 'harnessing/managing big data' becoming increasingly important priorities by 2020. The question is, given that change in expectation in a relatively short time, how will finance teams need to change, and what role will automation play?


About the Report

This annual study was developed by Robert Half the Netherlands and conducted by an independent research firm. The study is based on more than 200 interviews with senior finance executives from companies throughout the Netherlands, with the results segmented by size, sector and geographic location.

To learn more about the report, please contact your local office.

This document is available in Dutch.