Creating a winning team

What can enterprises learn from the world of sports?

Ever since the global crisis, it has been critical for enterprises, large and small, to achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity in order to maintain a competitive edge in a competitive market. Maximising the productivity of a team or department is not an overnight affair. It is the combined result of a manager paving the way for success and every staff member making his or her individual contribution.

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Which characteristic is the most important in a team to achieve the highest performance level?


Source: Independent research commissioned by Robert Half and carried out in March 2014 among 261 office employees in the Netherlands.

Who are the members of a winning team?

A successful sports team has many different types of people: a coach, a captain and its players, ranging from new kid on the block to rising star to seasoned professional. Just as in the workplace, each member has their own special part to play, adding his or her unique skills to the team.

Winning Team