Write a jobdescription

A good job description is an absolute must to attract and find the right candidate. By being precise when you write the job description and its requirements, you can prevent making the wrong choice. As the actual performance required in professional positions has significantly changed over the years, it no longer suffices to adapt an old job description or use a general description. What’s more, in addition to being a tool for finding new talented candidates, job descriptions also are a good starting point for assessing employees.

The first step in a successful recruitment process

Writing a job description is a lot like drawing up a blueprint for the recruitment of new staff: when it’s done properly, chances increase that everything after that will go smoothly. In a good job description, recruitment managers make perfectly clear what they expect from the applicants. In turn, the applicants have a clear picture of the role’s activities and responsibilities, which reduces the number of job applicants who are unsuitable for the position.

A useful tool in the performance review

A well-written job description is not only an effective recruitment tool, the clearly written guidelines also serve as a very useful framework on which to base constructive performance reviews. Yet another reason why it is essential to make sure your job descriptions are well written.

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