Make your job interview a success with these tips!

As soon as you receive the invitation to a job interview, you will be wanting to make a good impression and do everything you can to get the job. With the tips in this article you surely will!

First impression

You only get to make a first impression once. Pay attention to the right clothing and a firm handshake. Enthusiasm is also important. Dress in a way that is suitable for the company. This does not always mean a business suit, but that would be suitable if you are applying for a position at a law firm. Wherever you are applying, pay attention to your appearance.


Of course you need to know what kind of company you are applying to. A candidate who is well prepared and already knows a lot about the company has a competitive edge. You are showing that you really want this job, which will surely be appreciated! You can easily read up about the company on the internet and it doesn’t need to take hours of your time.

What you definitely need to do

During the conversation you need to sit up straight and show that you take the job seriously. You are dedicated and clearly demonstrate your dedication, also thanks to the previous tip about reading about the company. Naturally you also show up on time for the interview, have taken care of your appearance and put your best foot forward in general. These simple tips for a good job interview apply to everyone, for any job.

The interview

Address your interviewer formally and don’t sit down as soon as you enter. The interviewer will ask you to take a seat and sitting down before being asked is rude. During the interview, make eye contact and let the other finish talking before you say something. What’s more, it’s better to pause now and then, than to answer too quickly.

Job interview tips

There is a great likelihood that you will be asked about your previous employment experiences. You may have left a previous job because you didn’t like it very much. Nevertheless, it should be possible to think of some positive things to say as well, so also mention these if the question is asked. When you talk negatively about past employment, you will give potential employers the impression that you will talk about them that way too. So it is most definitely not recommended to speak in negative terms.

Preparing the job interview

Finally, it is important to prepare a number of things. You can count on being asked about your negative and positive points. Negative should not be so bad that they won’t want to hire you any more, so try to think of things that also have positive sides. One quality that is often used as such is perfectionism. It is negative because perfectionists take a lot of time to do their work, but on the positive side, they always deliver good work. Don’t forget that the qualities you talk about should be relevant to the job you are applying for.

Off to the interview!

The aforementioned tips are easy to remember and apply to everyone and all job situations. These tips should help you to be much less nervous for the job interview when it comes. Breath deeply, make sure you are properly prepared, and you are ready to go! These job interview tips will come in handy for any job.

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