The job interview: what questions can you expect?

To find out if you are the right person for a certain position, various questions will be asked during the job interview. They will ask questions to find out more about you, to learn more about your work experience and to check how you function in an organisation. If you have a job interview coming up, it’s important you know what kind of questions you can expect. This makes it possible for you to prepare your answers beforehand so you will know the right thing to say. Read more about the questions you can expect at your job interview on this page.

Standard job interview questions

A job interview usually starts with some standard questions, so that your interviewer can find out what kind of person you are. For example the first questions you can expect at a job interview are things like:

  • What are your strong points?
  • What are your weak points?
  • Tell us about yourself.
  • Why do you want this job?
  • What do you expect to be doing in five years?

Questions about you

When you have answered several of the type of questions listed above, your interviewer will usually move on to asking you some personal questions. They may ask you about what kind of things you enjoy doing, what kind of person you are and what type of people you enjoy working with. They may also ask you about your preferred work environment, in an attempt to judge if you would fit in with their company.

Questions about your working style and career

Naturally your interviewer would like to know what kind of colleague you are. Therefore they will not only ask you what kind of person you are, but also ask about what you are like working with others, what kind of working method you prefer and how you function within an organisation. Of course there will also be questions about where you have worked previously, what you did at these companies, and what you have learnt from these experiences. Your career is the main subject of the job interview, so be prepared for questions about it. Questions such as “What are you most proud of?”, “Which project did you enjoy working on most?” and “What is the most difficult thing you ever did in your career?” are often asked, so be prepared for them.

Original job interview questions

Some companies find it important to not only ask the standard questions but also a few original questions specific to this job interview. Companies do this not only to learn more about your personality, but also to see how well you respond to unexpected situations that you could not have prepared for. You can think of answers beforehand for the standard questions, but of course this is not the case for strange questions. Here are some examples of strange questions anyway:

  • How often do the big hand and little hand of the block pass each other in a day?
  • If you could be an animal, which animal would you like to be?
  • How can you weigh an airplane without using scales?
  • What superpower would you like to possess and why?
  • Sell me this plant.



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