How to prepare for a job interview

When you have written a job application letter and have been invited for a job interview on the basis of this letter, you are delighted, of course, to be given this chance to elaborate on your motivations for this job in a personal meeting. Do realise, however, that being invited for a job interview does not mean that you have been offered this job. Most companies invite multiple candidates for a job interview, so it is very important for the job interview to go well, and for you to gain an advantage over your competition. One way to achieve this is to prepare well for your job interview.

The importance of preparing for a job interview

When multiple candidates are invited to an interview, it is definitely very important to prepare your job interview thoroughly. If you are well prepared for your job interview you are reducing the chance that you will face any unexpected surprises during your interview. For example, if a specific question is asked that you are not prepared for, it is quite likely that you could become confused and not know what to say. Similarly, it is possible that you may give the wrong answers if you are not properly prepared, diminishing your chances of being offered this job. Therefore not only the interview itself is very important, but the preparation equally so.

Preparing questions for the job interview

A good way to prepare for the job interview is by making a list of the questions you expect to receive during the meeting. In most job interviews for example, they will ask you about your strong and weak points. By thinking about your answer to this question beforehand, you will know what to answer and, moreover, will have formulated your answers well. Search for a list of frequently asked job interview questions, think of your answers to these questions and then you can feel secure in the knowledge that you are prepared for the questions you may receive at the job interview.

Preparing for the job interview: what do you need to bring?

In some cases it is not enough to only prepare for questions. If you have written in your job application that you once created a great project, for example, then chances are high that your interviewer will ask you about this project. It will make a good impression if you bring an object that is associated with this project along to the interview with you. So if you have something tangible that will illustrate your story, like a flyer or other product that you made, it is definitely a good idea to bring it along to the interview. Furthermore, we always recommend taking your job application letter, CV and portfolio with you.

Additional preparations

One more part of preparing for a job interview is some practical research. This practical preparation consists of some low-key research of the person who will be interviewing you (if you know their name prior to the interview) as well as finding information about the place where your job interview will take place. You can use the information about the interviewer during your job interview, so that you make a well-informed impression and can add a personal note to the meeting. Information about the location where your interview is taking place is also important, because this information will tell you where you are going and how to get there. Nothing makes a worse impression than arriving late for an interview, so make sure you know where you are going and how to get there. 



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