Formatting a CV: what is the best layout?

After deciding on what to put in your CV, it is also very important to choose the best format for your information. A professional, formal and clear layout of your CV just might be the extra nudge that pushes the reader of your CV to invite you for a job interview. The opposite effect is also possible: if your curriculum vitae is messily formatted, this might cost you points. On this page you can read exactly how to achieve the best layout when creating your CV.

The font of your CV

The first step in creating a curriculum vitae with a professional CV layout, is choice of font. The most popular fonts for CVs are Helvetica, Arial, Georgia and Times New Roman. You can find out which font suits your CV best by trying out what your document looks like in various fonts.

Images in your CV

If you want your CV to stand out among the many CVs of all the candidates, you can put a picture in your CV. For example, select a representative photograph of yourself, looking professional and business-like, and position this neatly in your CV. Don’t interrupt any of the text blocks but place it somewhere logical.

Tips for a good CV layout

Making a CV seems like a simple thing, but many documents are still received by companies that simply don’t meet the basic requirements of a good CV. If you want to avoid your application being rejected on the basis of the layout of your CV, follow the following three tips to make sure your CV looks professional.

  • Use bulleted lists in your curriculum vitae. When a lot of information is being presented, a list looks better than a large block of text.
  • Use colour to make your CV stand out. Do pick colours that will aid the objective of your CV, that is, to find a new job. Colours like pink, orange or green may not be the best choices.
  • Don’t put too much on one page, keep it easy to oversee.

Have someone else look at your CV

The most important tip to achieve the best CV layout is that you should never immediately send your CV to the company you are applying to. Always first let someone else look at your document, so that any errors or anything that is still unclear can be remedied before you submit your document. Once you have mailed your CV you will unfortunately not be able to turn back time to repair any layout mistakes.

Outsourcing the layout of your CV

Is working with computers not your forte and are you not sure how to format your CV professionally? Don’t create your own document, taking the risk it may look unprofessional, but make the choice to outsource the design of your CV to a professional designer. In this case you will pay a small amount to the designer for formatting your document but as a result you will have a perfect CV. 



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