The advantages of an online CV

Owing to the enormous variety of jobs in the various fields of business, no two job applications are the same. Similarly, there are many different curricula vitae and also differences in the accompanying application letters. A CV for a job at a bank looks very different from a CV for a position that requires a great deal of creativity. A new and upcoming variation is the digital CV, in which your special skills, competencies and work experience are combined into one document online. The information below explains more about this online variation; this may be useful for you too.

What is an online CV?

Hard copy CVs have been the mainstay for communicating your skills and other qualities to potential new employers for decades. Slowly but surely this is starting to change. A lot of important communications are now taking place digitally: and why would it be any different for the curriculum vitae? This is the reason some job applicants switch to a digital CV: it is a modern variation that some employers absolutely appreciate.

What types of online CVs are there?

When you plan to create an online CV, it is good to know that there are a couple of variations, we distinguish the following types:

  • The digital CV on a specific website
  • The digital CV as a profile on a website
  • The digital CV on your own website
  • The digital CV in .pdf format

The digital CV on a specific website
Some organisations have tools for you to easily upload your CV to a dedicated platform. This is often combined with more options, such as linking it to your LinkedIn profile or uploading various photographs. This way you can develop an online product that the recruiter can access at any moment.

The digital CV as a profile on a website
Customers in some cases, for example on this website, are given the opportunity to modify a certain profile that contains all relevant information for the employer, instead of a CV. It is comparable to a Facebook-style environment in which you answer various questions about yourself.

The digital CV on your own website
This slightly more sophisticated option is also known as a digital portfolio. To make this you develop your own website on which the employer can find all information he or she needs.

The digital CV in .pdf format
When you send a digital CV via mail, this is often done in a .pdf format, or in a Microsoft Word document with the extension .doc.

What are the various elements of an online CV?

A digital CV contains the same information as the standard CV. The difference is the way in which the information is arranged on the various pages or sections. So these four categories are included in the digital version also:

  • Personal data
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Skills

The advantages of an online CV

As mentioned previously, more and more people are switching to making digital CVs. There are multiple reasons for this transition. One of them is that in this way your CV is not available to only one person: your information can also be viewed by more parties who may be interested in hiring you. Additionally, it makes a good impression when you have your own, properly maintained website that showcase your qualities. In practical terms the digital CV also has numerous benefits: you don’t have to send the CV by mail and the employer can access the document from any location at any time they want. 



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