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Temporary professionals can replace staff who are absent or away on leave, provide assistance on special projects or lend an extra hand during especially busy periods. A wide range of companies, from small to large, call on specialised temporary professionals for ´just-in-time´ access to specific skills. Accountemps offers for all temporary professionals a ´Direct Start´, which entails that the temporary professional immediately comes in and works for one day within your company, instead of first coming to see you for an interview. 

In this way you get immediate assistance, you don´t lose any time with interviewing and you can assess on the spot whether this candidate can do the work. If it appears that the temporary professional isn’t a good fit, no costs are charged for this day and we’ll look for another temporary professional for you.

Why choose a temporary professional?

  • Making temporary use of specialised professionals as a supplement to your full-time employee pool is a cost-efficient way to maintain productivity during busy and difficult periods. 
  • Specialised professionals can jump in temporarily for staff who are absent or away on leave, provide assistance on special projects or lend an extra hand during especially busy periods.
  • Moreover, temporary professionals can be deployed as an interim solution while you look for full-time employees

The advantages of temporary professionals

  • You can verify whether your company really needs certain specific positions, without immediately investing in a permanent one.
  • You introduce into your organisation new or specialised skills that your full-time staff might not possess.
  • You optimise your organisational structure with a strategic mix of fixed costs (permanent staff) and variable costs (temporary professionals).
  • Thanks to the right combination of permanent staff and temporary professionals, you have the specialised expertise to successfully complete current projects and continue working towards the long-term goals.

The result

  • Lower costs for the recruitment, training and management of permanent staff.
  • You get an optimal workforce, you don´t have to constantly restructure and hire new personnel in order to be able to deal with special circumstances and an increased productivity.     
  • You save on costs, increase your efficiency and foster the motivation and job security of your permanent staff.
  • We quickly find professionals on all levels, without the delay that is usually associated with recruiting permanent staff. 

Contact us today for more information about our temporary professionals or immediately call on the assistance of a ´Direct Start´!



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