How to apply

If you apply to work with us, you are choosing:

  • A stable career with the best specialist employment agency in the world
  • An international workplace with the scale of a multinational and the charm of a local team
  • An attractive remuneration package, including bonuses
  • Driven and enthusiastic colleagues, who are the best in their field
  • Training and coaching to guarantee personal development

Step 1

After we receive your CV and letter of motivation, the manager of one of our offices will contact you by telephone. If both parties are interested, we will invite you for a first introductory meeting. This meeting generally is also with the manager of the office concerned.

Step 2

When both parties feel positive about the first meeting, we will invite you for a second meeting. At this meeting you will also meet the relevant division manager. In this meeting we will discuss the position in more detail, through role play for example. This is how we can assess which competencies you already have, and where you have points to develop. This will also give you some insight into the work of a consultant.

Step 3

At the third meeting, we will have expressed our confidence in you as a candidate and the meeting will be mainly to discuss conditions of employment. Furthermore, on this occasion you will meet the team you will be working with. 

Step 4

Your first day at work!

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